Points2Coupon Component J2.5/J3

Points2Coupon Component  allows the customer to convert some points into discount coupons! For Points2Coupon Component to work you have to intsall whether the RewardPoints Plugin or Alpha User Points component, and Virtuemart !
  • The administrator is able to set the available convertions (amount points for the coupon)
  • Choose whether a Percentage Coupon or a Total amount
  • Integrate with Alpha User Points
  • Set default currency
  • Send email everytime customers create a discount coupon
  • Choose one of Six coloured styles among them Blue, Red, Green, Grey, Black, Light Blue
  • This component is combatible with Joomla 2.5 , Joomla 3.* , virtuemart 2.* , virtuemart 3. *, alpha user points 1.8.* and 1.9.*

  • Points2Coupon Component consists of 2 pages

  • Convertions
  • Coupons (so the the customer can see their coupons)

  • Points2Coupon Component (com_Points2Coupon.zip)